Sunday, September 5, 2010


im writing this just wanted 2 make sure that this blog is still update n yet i have no ideas at all of wut to write...
yesterday i went 2 seremban parade n hehehehe....i BOUGHT A NEW KEBAYA...nice one ..act i wanted the red one becoz it suit me better but at last..only kelabu silver silver available..quite okay man n the price was quite reasonable n affordable..huhu..i have no planning at all of wearing a kebaya for this coming raya..but my instict keep telling me..and keep wispering in my ears..BUY iT..BUY IT! last..kching kching..$$ paying for me..keh2...thx mom for that kebaya...seriously,i LOVE u always!


  1. nanti post gambar raya kat blog.
    nak tgk.aku dah off fb.november nnt baru on balik.

  2. fb..deactivate erk??blog still on x??haha..woke..dunt worry aku kasi post gmba raye..ketupat sume kasi hang terliuqq...hoho