Wednesday, April 21, 2010

im BacK!

IM Back...!urghh...its been a long journey for me which had been 5 hours straight in the KTM..and i were totally damn tired man..!this trip 2 d geting highland was the most amazing trip among others..which its hell exciting and mmm..freaking and f*cking cool..!i would love 2 write some more..but looking at time makes my head 2 spin..!!,im gonna sleep now and tell mores 2morrow..haha..tadaaa..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

mOUnt of LedANG..~hell fun !

few pas weeks,i had been hiking to mount of ledang..dont u knoe about mount ledang?mOunt of Ledang is located in johor is the highest mount in so proud 2 be one of the hiker..which i went there wif my hiking mates..MARC u all..

Gunung Ledang, or also known by its English's name, Mount Ophir, is a mountain situated in the Gunung Ledang National Park located in Ledang District (northwestern Johor), Malaysia. The summit is located between the border of Muar and Malacca. Standing at 1,276 m (4,186 ft), with a clear trail leading to the peak, the mountain is a popular destination among amateur climbers. Gunung Ledang is also the 64th highest mountain in Malaysia and arguably the most climbed mountain in the country, despite it having one of the higher climbing fatalities in the region of South-East Asia. Camping on the mountain has been forbidden after the death of campers who were crushed by falling trees in separate incidents

There is a popular Malaysian folklore which told of a Princess with magical powers who resided on the mountain. She was wooed to be the wife of the then Sultan of Malacca, Sultan Mahmud Shah. However, she set impossible conditions for him as a means to reject his proposal.

The first condition was to build two bridges . . . one of silver and one of gold. For which he switly constructed, having all the nation to participate.

The second was to fill a tempayan (large earthen water-barrel) full of blood from mosquitoes. For a second time, the nation participated in this seemingly impossible task and succeeded.

The third and final condition, was for him to gather a bowl of his sons blood. The Sultan was put into a state of dilemma; and after long days and restless nights of consideration, he stepped into his sons room in the night, with a dagger in one hand - and a bowl in the other.

He approached his sons sleeping body, and as he drew close, the image of the Princess appeared before the Sultan and said to him that she could not possibly marry a man willing to wound his own son. And then she vanished, never to be seen again.

Folklore has it that the gold and silver supposedly found on the mountain are attributed to; and a testament to this story.

Hang Tuah and his companions were also learning their silat martial arts here on the top of this very mountain with a silat guru, Adiputera.

new FResh mORNIng..

well,mornin..i just woke up early this morning and the 1st i had done after jumping off my bed is turning on my lappy..not washing my teeth, not having my breakfast yet,not doin ANYTHING but to login 2 my blog..huhu..2day list need 2 be done:

1) say hello 2 mom-so she will give me some pocket money..:)
2) having breakfast
3) doin my laundry..
4) pack my things
5) call nad..alarm her about today evening meeting
6) go to seremban, and take ktm to kl centre..which will transit to anothe train going to telok gadong.. having a nice will be holidays at my friend's house..mayb im out till,ill not be writing 2 dis blog for a while..kk don miss me!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

ThIS is My frECking oKAY LIfe!!... im such in a bored state..mmm..wut im gonna do now??..well at least now is a breaking long term of holz 4 me ..since i had my last final paper last tues...but not im FReaking bORED!!..back there i really miss my old place..old fren..urgh...exp nad aka my roomates..hihi..


she was born same wif me la 1990 and studying the same place wif me...HELL wait..why the hell on earth im talking this 2 u..haha..
p/s: she was soo damn afraid every night 2 go 2 d washroom and ask me to go wit her..hehehe..dont tell her k..! ;)

credits also 2 all my fren..hehe..lin,farah,nadia,esooon and not 2 forget also waniey samsudin..!i really likes u all and wish could married ull but yet i CANT!!..haha..kidding.. lurve you!!..nex sem lets party again yeah!!
oppp..wheres wani..wait..!

my life;:

im kinda someone who loves hanging around like hell which is normal aite..hihi..but nowaday i just dun get a parent seem soo busy wif their hectic lyfe which mine was not..huhu..nvermine..bla22..this is where i wish i can go..huhu..ok..HUSBAND please take me there k..

london...i wish i could go there...uhhu..lovely place magnificient..!
next destination will be wut..guest la..hehe..of course

swizz....last but not last... of loves..

so much place untill im totally insane?!..haha..u will knoe..i might o ill goin 2 places likes this..and that day will come sooner o later..ameen..!


My bEShfrENs..

niTE marKET...

long time no see..nite market...afta goona smashh that abang cendol..n abg apam balik..hoho..really miss dat food much..and oso..mira tell me 2 treat me that cendol..huuahahahahha...after all..dapat jugak aku menjejakkn kaki 2 nite market again..hehhehe...act..i had been dreaming bout jagung oso..mayb ill pujuk2 my mom 2 gimme money..(saving tuh g pasar mntx  ibu duet)..hehe,,well..this is wut im am,,and wut ill be...HOHO..u r wut u eat..daa..