Saturday, April 17, 2010

ThIS is My frECking oKAY LIfe!!... im such in a bored state..mmm..wut im gonna do now??..well at least now is a breaking long term of holz 4 me ..since i had my last final paper last tues...but not im FReaking bORED!!..back there i really miss my old place..old fren..urgh...exp nad aka my roomates..hihi..


she was born same wif me la 1990 and studying the same place wif me...HELL wait..why the hell on earth im talking this 2 u..haha..
p/s: she was soo damn afraid every night 2 go 2 d washroom and ask me to go wit her..hehehe..dont tell her k..! ;)

credits also 2 all my fren..hehe..lin,farah,nadia,esooon and not 2 forget also waniey samsudin..!i really likes u all and wish could married ull but yet i CANT!!..haha..kidding.. lurve you!!..nex sem lets party again yeah!!
oppp..wheres wani..wait..!

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