Sunday, April 18, 2010

new FResh mORNIng..

well,mornin..i just woke up early this morning and the 1st i had done after jumping off my bed is turning on my lappy..not washing my teeth, not having my breakfast yet,not doin ANYTHING but to login 2 my blog..huhu..2day list need 2 be done:

1) say hello 2 mom-so she will give me some pocket money..:)
2) having breakfast
3) doin my laundry..
4) pack my things
5) call nad..alarm her about today evening meeting
6) go to seremban, and take ktm to kl centre..which will transit to anothe train going to telok gadong.. having a nice will be holidays at my friend's house..mayb im out till,ill not be writing 2 dis blog for a while..kk don miss me!

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