Wednesday, July 7, 2010


heys..listen here and actually i know nobody listening 2 me but im just in the mood of writing..
aku kne mara ngn org.***...while commenting on the facebook with my working place friend,ttbe die masuk and start tu blablabla story...and i dont give a demm anything to it..ok la..when i start to interrupt,he said means thing to me...urmmm..not really mean,but kinda mean to me..."biha ko senyap" this really how do you respect others???...i really solute and gave him fullest respect but this is what i got!!! am ANGRY right now.!!! and kinda upset me because seriously i do respect him...and now it end up..I HATE HIM..!...OKAY FINE..i hate him the most today...but insyALLAH i will not let my hatred feeling full of sins goes on..

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