Tuesday, July 6, 2010


hijab itu adalah sesuatu yg digunakan untuk  menutup kepala yaini aurat wanita..bagi wanita soleh..hijab itu adalah bagaikan nyawa mereka..apakah hijab bagi warga-warga muslimah kini?..adakah memakai hijab merupakan trend shaja bagi wanita wanita kini??...
this is the knowledge that i got while working at my working place..act im the only ones who wear tudong while working and  the others not.listen to this conversation..
lady 1: biha..ko pkai tdong j  sntiase...x penh open2 bukak..sorok2???
biha  : mm..x penh lagi la time ni n it will never happen insyaAllah..
lady1 : oohh..

nOW u already read the above conversation and wut do u thinks??..READS MORE!

LAdy2:biha..mlm ni kitorg nk g club..kt seremban..nk follow x??but u cant wear tdong la..
biha: oo...tape2..aku x pndai la...trima kasih erk..
lady2:..ape la biha ni..x cool~
biha:i just smiled~

huh...?IM NO COOL? ways coolest than them..just i dont go club,i say no too SMOKE! DRINK!!...and no PARTIES....

here.i just wanted to share my experience with my heart..they seriously are a very good,honest n friendly persons..just,they dont suits my culture well..but i really prays hard for them to change....and also i tried hard to change mine..mines also no goods..but at least i will try more to change!!...SOLAT IN THE EARLIEST TIME!!...that is my new GOAL score..!and i would love to be like this someday..mayb not TODAY cause im no ready at all...but..SOMEDAY!!..insyaAllah..

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